Top 5 Best Paint Sprayers For Trim And Doors (2023 Review)

Last Updated On March 24, 2023

Listen up, DIYers!

Painting trim and doors well can help your house stand out from the rest. 

And using a paint sprayer to paint doors and trim makes it so much easier.

We've checked out all the best paint sprayers to help you knock out DIY projects like a pro. 

Top 5 Best Paint Sprayer For Trim And Doors(2020 Review)

Let's check out our buyer's guide for the best paint sprayers for trim and doors.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • The best paint sprayers for trim and doors
  • Tips for a successful paint job when painting doors and trim
  • Do's and don't's for painting trim and doors
  • And much more!

Below is a quick list of all our top products. Keep scrolling to learn more about how to choose and use the best paint sprayer for trim and doors.

Image Product


Wagner Spraytech Control Spray Max HVLP Paint Sprayer
  • Excellent price
  • Precision design
  • Versatile paint nozzle
  • Excellent price
  • Precision design
  • Versatile paint nozzle
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Rexbeti Ultimate-750
  • Amazon bestseller
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Amazon bestseller
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
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Graco Magnum X5 Airless Paint Sprayer
  • High-quality for a smooth finish
  • Spray paint directly from the bucket
  • Easily control paint flow and pressure
  • High-quality for a smooth finish
  • Spray paint directly from the bucket
  • Easily control paint flow and pressure
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Fuji Semi Pro 2
  • Non-bleed
  • Adjustable spray pattern and fan control
  • Quick connect air hose
  • Non-bleed
  • Adjustable spray pattern and fan control
  • Quick connect air hose
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YATTICH HVLP Paint Sprayer
  • Inexpensive and functional
  • The easy flow control knob
  • Quality copper nozzles
  • Inexpensive and functional
  • The easy flow control knob
  • Quality copper nozzles
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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Updated On March 24, 2023

Our top pick is the Wagner SprayTech because it is the most versatile, highest-quality, and best-priced paint sprayer on the market.

Wagner takes the best in painting technology and jam packs it into one single package with their Control Spray Max.

We recommend this HVLP sprayer for a variety of projects, but it really shines when it comes to fine details which makes it an excellent choice for painting door frames and trim.

Top 5 Best HVLP Paint Sprayers For Painting Trim & Doors

Take a look at our top 5 rated paint sprayers below:

  1. Wagner Spraytech Control Spray Max HVLP Paint Sprayer
  2. Rexbeti Ultimate-750
  3. Graco Magnum X5 Airless Paint Sprayer
  4. Fuji Semi Pro 2
  5. YATTICH HVLP Paint Sprayer

What Are Paint Sprayers For Trim And Doors?

Basically, any paint sprayer will work for painting doors and trim, but it's up to you which one you prefer to do the job.

There are more options than ever when buying a paint sprayer, and whether you choose an inexpensive handheld sprayer or a high-end airless sprayer, your trim and doors are going to get painted either way.

If you're spray painting for the first time, a budget pick isn't a bad choice.

Professional painters can appreciate a quality paint gun that leaves a great finish. 

We've chosen a wide range of sprayers that will get the job done, but it's your choice of how much you want to spend and what quality you want out of your paint job.

What Are The Different Types of Sprayer For Trim And Doors?

HVLP paint guns

HVLP(high-volume, low-pressure) paint guns are hands down the most inexpensive options when painting, and we highly recommend you have a handheld HVLP sprayer in your quiver to help you with all those quick paint jobs.

HVLP sprayers use turbine fans to blow paint through a spray tip.

Airless paint sprayers

Airless sprayers are an old and faithful way to knock out large projects in a professional manner.

These sprayers have a piston pump that gives them longevity and added spray pressure.

You will be paying more for an airless sprayer when compared to some handheld HVLP spray guns, but you will also have a machine that sprays paint out at higher pressures for better atomization and a smoother paint job.

Gravity feed

You could always buy a top feed paint sprayer that hooks up to your air compressor with an air regulator. 

This type of paint sprayer is commonly used in automotive paint jobs.


Check out all the airbrush kits off Amazon for a professional way to incorporate artistic spray painting onto trim and doors.

Aerosol Spray Cans

Spray paint cans are a great option for knocking out smaller jobs like trim and doors because they are easy to use and dispose of afterward.

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What Else Do You Need To Use A Paint Sprayer For Trim & Doors?

Using a paint sprayer on trims and doors is a great way to shave time off your paint project.

Although the prepping process might take longer than using a paintbrush, a sprayer will come in handy when priming and painting multiple doors.

You'll need to use a paint masker to cover up any part of the wall you don't have paint on.

Here are some other small tools that will come clutch when painting trim and doors.

Nail Set

When the finish carpenter nails his or her little finish to hang the trim, it is typical that some of them won't go in all the way. 

And of course, you can't paint over a nail - it has to be beyond the surface of the trim.

That's where a spring nail set will help you to easily knock the finish nails further into the trim.

Drop Cloth

You will want a drop cloth to throw down when painting trim and doors to help keep overspray off of wood floors, tile, etc.

You can also find disposable plastic rolls that fold out and cover large areas for a small added cost that will help save the surrounding areas from paint overspray.

Quality Painter's Tape

Check out brands like 3M on Amazon for some decent painter's tape that is easy to work with. 

You can use the cheap white tape to cover the door hinges (remember to cut them off with a razor blade to avoid peeling paint, but you might want to use a higher-quality tape that doesn't peel off the wall paint for painting trim.

Masking Film

You can get away without masking film, however, masking film makes most paint jobs 10x easier for prepping.


A utility blade helps quickly clean up the tape and masking for a quicker job and a fine finish without any paint peeling.

Sanding sponge

Don't forget to use a sanding sponge to rough up the trim pieces for a smoother finish.

Tips For Painting Doors

Remove your door by knocking the pins out from the bottom with a nail set. 

After you have removed the door, put it on its side, and nail a shim or thin piece of wood to each end that will allow you to stand the door upon the floor without the hinges being attached.

If you have multiple doors, you can space them out every 3 feet or so to quickly pass over with the paint gun.

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Specific Tips For Painting Trim Work

Painting trim isn't exactly the most entertaining part about the paint job, but it is very important in making a room really stand out.

If you are spray painting the whole house, paint the trim first, and then mask it off with some masking paper and quality painter's tape before you paint the interior walls and ceiling.

If you are painting just the trim, you can use the same masking paper and tape(on your paint masker) to mask off the first foot of the wall, and then you can switch the masking paper out for some masking film to cover further up the wall to avoid overspray.

Tip: Caulk the cracks in the trim for the best results.

Do Your Research For The Right Type Of Paint 

Interior paint is typically all acrylic/latex(water-based) and non-toxic, but there are cases where people like to put a stain on hardwood trim and doors.

It's important that you do your research on which paint you are using, whether it be interior trim, interior doors, or any other part of the house.

Did you know: Paint sprayers can cut down on your painting time significantly. After prep work, it can take as little as 10 minutes to paint a room with a paint sprayer!

What To Look For In The Best Paint Sprayer For Trim And Doors?


There is no science that says a paint sprayer with higher wattage will do a better job - leave it up to the painter for that, but take into consideration that each of these paint sprayers consumes a certain amount of energy in Watts.

Adjustable Sressure/Spray Tips & Tip Sizes

Each of these paint sprayers has their own way of adjusting spray pressure.

Some have multiple spray tips in different sizes where others might have an adjustable knob that opens and closes letting the paint come out.

Plastic or Metal

Some paint sprayers are made of plastic and are super lightweight and easy to carry while others are made of stainless steel and designed to last a lifetime.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and it really depends on which paint sprayer is right for the specific consumer.

Reversible Sprayer Tips

Some paint guns have reversible tips that allow you to reverse the tip and spray paint through it to unclog and keep spraying. 

This is a common quality of airless paint sprayers. 

Note: Using a new spray tip is more efficient than an old tip and will save paint.

Paint capacity

Some sprayers, like the HVLP sprayers, only allow for a small amount of paint to be loaded into the gun.

Airless sprayers typically allow you to spray the paint directly from the container, so you could literally dip the suction hose into a 5-gallon paint bucket, and spray it all out quickly.

Cordless options

Some HVLP paint sprayers are available in a battery-powered version that could come in handy in specific painting situations.

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Our Reviews Of The Best Paint Sprayer For Trim And Doors

Wagner SprayTech is the best option and our best choice because it makes owning a quality paint setup even more affordable for the average consumer.

This stationary HVLP paint sprayer has 20 feet of hose and a lightweight design that has the power to knock out any paint project you put in front of it whether it be trim, walls, or even a car.

The Wagner is a quality German-made paint sprayer with a two-stage turbine that isn't expensive like you might think.

Pick up the Wagner off Amazon for the best possible price.


  • Easily adjustable paint flow/pressure control
  • Two-stage turbine
  • Easy to use/clean


  • Foreign product
  • More expensive than other handheld HVLP sprayers

The REXBETI is a #1 seller on Amazon because it performs the function of spray painting your project without requiring you to spend a bunch of money.

With 4 nozzle sizes and 3 spray patterns, this 750-watt pistol allows the user to load up 1000ml of paint and spray away.

Pick this REXBETI Ultimate-750 up off Amazon for the best possible price.


  • Best-seller on Amazon
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Thousands of great reviews from buyers


  • Not as heavy-duty as other sprayers
  • Foreign product

Spray paint directly from its container with the Graco Magnum 262800 X5.

Graco Magnum makes this X5 airless paint sprayer that gives painters professional quality at a solid price.

The advantage of using an airless sprayer is that you can spray larger surfaces faster, and you also don't have to worry about loading the paint into the gun - instead, you just set the suction tube into the paint container.

Graco Magnum also has a battery-powered handheld paint gun that is perfect for any small project.


  • Spray paint unthinned and directly from its container
  • Supports up to 75 feet of hose
  • Sprays ~125 gallons per year


  • More expensive than other sprayers
  • Harder to use and clean than HVLP sprayer

Fuji is the top quality paint machine for painting trims and doors with exceptional quality.

The Fuji holds 400cc of paint in its heavy-duty non-bleed gun with an HVLP adjustable pattern fan control that gives the painter amazing control.

Take advantage of buying this durable metal-cased paint sprayer that will last a lifetime.

The Semi-Pro 2 has quick-connect air control valves with a 25-foot hose with an air control valve.


  • Reliable high-end option
  • Durable metal construction
  • Adjustable pattern fan control


  • More expensive than other sprayers
  • Foreign-made

Here is another dirt cheap paint sprayer that will do the job just fine.

Besides, why spend the extra money on a nice spray if a cheap one provides the same function?

The YATTICH comes 5 copper nozzles and allows for 3 different spray patterns, so you can load up any kind of paint and spray efficiently with a YATTICH.


  • Easy to use/transport
  • Inexpensive
  • Copper nozzles


  • Foreign product
  • May not last as long as other sprayers

Want a smooth finish? Try this Wagner Spraytech.

We go with the Wagner Spraytech every time because it is a high-rated HVLP paint sprayer that has a next-level designed to help you paint faster and more efficiently at a reasonable price.

Wagner is a leader in paint sprayers with a flawless German design that will leave you with a professional-grade paint job.

Do yourself a favor, and pick up a Wagner spray gun from Amazon at the lowest possible price, and have it(and other painting supplies) shipped straight to your doorstep for convenient use.

Choosing & Using The Best Paint Sprayer For Trim And Doors

Which Paint Sprayer Is For You?

We've given you some great recommendations for a paint sprayer that will help you paint your trim and doors, so now it's your turn to sift through each of these products, and decide which one is the best fit for the project.

If you are a professional painter or plan on painting frequently, we highly recommend that you buy an airless sprayer for big jobs but have a cheaper HVLP gun laying around for those quick jobs.

Use A Viscosity Cup To Figure Out Which Tip To Use

Purchase a viscosity cup to help you decide which spray tip is best for the job. 

Thick paint will need bigger spray tips to prevent clogging, and thinner paint will require a smaller tip to properly atomize the paint.

Different types of paint have different thicknesses. Stains and varnishes, for example, are a lot thinner than latex paint.

Although these paint sprayers are capable of spraying unthinned paints, it doesn't hurt to thin them out before running them through your paint sprayer.

The Most Important Part: Your Safety

Your safety is the most important part of your paint project, and you would. be surprised at how fast you can get hurt from painting.

Don't forget this key safety equipment when painting with a paint sprayer:

Safety Glasses

Your eyesight is delicate. Cover up your eyes with some safety glasses when painting.

Nitrile gloves

Use nitrile gloves to keep your hands clean for the next business deal.

Although latex paint isn't very damaging to your hands, stains and lacquers are, so keeping your hands covered up will keep you comfortable after the fact.

Cotton Mask/Respirator

Paint fumes are damaging to your health. Wear a cotton mask when spraying with latex and water-based paints, and a respirator when working with stains, epoxies, lacquers, and other oil-based paints to avoid exposure to harmful chemicals.

How To Save Money 

Hire out the prep work

Bending down on your knees to sand trim isn't fun. You could always hire a younger person to do the work for you, and apply the paint yourself easily using a paint sprayer.

Use the marketplace to buy and sell paint

Whether you are going to paint with used paint, or sell your leftovers, online marketplaces are a great place to pick up paint supplies.

Cleaning Your Paint Sprayer Is Very Important

We can't stress enough to clean your sprayer thoroughly after painting to get the most life out of your sprayer.

If you don't clean your paint sprayer it will clog up and cause you a whole lot of trouble that isn't necessary.

Read the instructions for proper cleaning of your paint sprayer, and clean it religiously.

Some pro painters even wrap a paint filter over the intake suction tube before dipping it into the paint to prevent clogs.

Do You Need A Ladder?

You probably need at least a step ladder to paint your trim and doors. 

We've done our research on all of today's best ladders, and we accumulated a review for them here.

Use Our Page To Your Advantage

We are here to help you paint an unforgettable paint job. 

Need advice about your painting jobs? Ask us any questions you have about painting trim and doors on our website for a quick response.

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Ryan Nichols

I first painted professionally in my late teens. I have painted everything from long military base walls to spraying cedar wood siding on cabins in the mountains of Utah. I am also an automotive technician with plenty of auto body and paint experience. In my spare time, I even enjoy artistic oil painting.

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