Top 5 Best Painters In Grand Rapids, Michigan (2023 Review)

Last Updated On February 3, 2023

Are you in the Grand Rapids area and looking for a top-notch painter?

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In this guide, we'll go over:

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  • How to choose the best painter for your project

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Top 5 Painters In Grand Rapids, Michigan (2020 Review)

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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Updated On February 3, 2023

Five Star Painting

We went with Five Star Painting for our number one pick because of their top ratings on internet search platforms!

Five Star Painting is a residential and commercial painting contractor that paints everything from homes to fitness centers, medical centers, religious institutions, and more.

If it needs to be painted, one thing is sure - Five Star Painting is the team for the paint job!

You can get a virtual estimate from Five Star Painting by visiting on the web.

Top 5 Best Painting Companies In Grand Rapids

In a hurry? Check out our Top 5 picks below! Keep reading to learn more about these amazing Grand Rapids painters!

  1. Five Star Painting 
  2. New Look Painting Company
  3. CertaPro Painters
  4. T & S Painting
  5. VanDerKolk Painting

How Do We Rate Painters In Grand Rapids Michigan?

We sift through online reviews to find the best painters in your area, so you don't have to. By doing a thorough search on all of the area's painters, then checking to see what customers have said about each company we provide you with an educated list of the highest quality painting contractors to get bids from.

Tip: It is a good idea to get all home improvement work like framing/electrical out of the way first. 

We also recommend calling a handyman to quickly take care of any small details before the painters come.

Did you know: Hiring a professional painter can actually save you money! Painting it yourself could cost up to $300 just for the tools alone! Sometimes paying a pro pays for itself.

How Much Does Painting Cost In Grand Rapids Michigan?

The most important part of getting a fair price when hiring painters is asking for multiple bids from different contractors. 

Here at Pro Paint Corner, we want people to get a fair price, and we also want painters to profit from their work. 

That's why we've put together some rough estimates so that you have a reliable ballpark range to reference to when getting estimates.

Estimated Cost of Painting A Deck

Painting a deck will cost you anywhere from $1.50-$4.00 per square foot. That's a pretty wide price range, so be sure to get a few different prices before choosing your contractor.

And you have to take into consideration the prep work that may be needed to do the job right. Most contractors will want to sand or at least powerwash the deck before painting.

Estimated Cost of Painting A House’s Exterior

The national average for painting the exterior of a house is between $1,700-$3,700 depending on the size of the house and the amount of risk involved.

So, if you have a one-story house that doesn't involve putting the painters in danger you should be more set on getting a lower price. 

Estimated Cost of Painting A Room In Your House

Painting a single room in your house will start at about $500 and can go well up into the thousands. Remember, professional painting can get expensive fast, so if you think you can do the job yourself then the more power to you for saving yourself money.

Our Reviews Of The Top Painters In Grand Rapids

Five Star Painting

About Five Star Painting

Five Star Painting of NE Grand Rapids is a residential and commercial painting company that can tackle any project you put in front of them. 

Big jobs like refinishing and exterior painting services are no problem for Five Star Painting, and you can even rely on them to knock out jobs like wallpaper removal and power washing. 

Why We Picked Five Star Painting

We picked Five Star Painting because they have 5 stars on Google with a high number of reviews from satisfied customers.

Visit Five Star Painting on the web to see a photo gallery of past jobs. This is a company that provides excellent work from start to clean up.

New Look Painting Company

About New Look Painting Company

New Look Painting Company are residential and commercial painters in Grand Rapids, MI that cover your painting needs and other services down to drywall repair.

Schedule your free estimate online to get a bid for a quality job on your next paint project.

Why We Picked New Look Painting Company

We chose New Look Painting Company because they have a professional website that displays the quality of their work in detail. 

And on top of that, New Look Painting Company has an impeccable rap sheet on Google, with almost a perfect record of 5-star reviews from completely satisfied customers.

CertaPro Painters

About CertaPro Painters

CertaPro Painters are residential and commercial painting pros from Grand Rapids MI ready to complete a wide variety of painting jobs.

Change up your home or business by letting CertaPro Painters service pros apply a nice new coat of paint.

CertaPro Painters of Grand Rapids serves areas like Cannonsburg, Kentwood, Jenison, Hudsonville, Wyoming, Rockford, Grandville, East Grand Rapids, and more. 

Why We Picked CertaPro Painters

CertaPro Painters uses high-quality paints like Sherwin Williams to ensure your project turns out even better than expected.

To get a quote from CertaPro Painters in the Grand Rapids area, all you have to do is visit their website, and send them some detailed photos of your project for a remote estimate.

T & S Painting

About T & S Painting

T & S is a super laid back painting company that also does impeccable work. Visit their website and you will find that they paint everything from residential/commercial to decks/flooring and fences with not only detail but also good taste. 

Why We Picked T & S Painting

We picked T & S because of their 30+ years of experience and good standing reviews with customers. 

It's once thing if the said company does great work.

But when they do quality work, satisfy customers and provide a positive vibe all at the same time--that's when you know companies like T & S are the people to choose to come and paint your project.

T & S serves all of West Michigan and the greater Grand Rapids area. Check out pictures of T & S interior painting on their website linked above.

VanDerKolk Painting

About VanDerKolk Painting

VanDerKolk covers industrial, commercial, and residential painting at no inconvenience to you. 

Want interior painters to make your living room breathtaking? Look no further. Need a professional for pressure washing a project? VanDerKolk is the company to call.

Why We Picked VanDerKolk Painting

We picked VaDerKolk Painting because we feel confident that they will complete your painting projects with 5-star quality and satisfaction based on their positive online feedback.

Final Thoughts On Painters In Grand Rapids, Michigan

It's up to you which painting contractor you choose (if you end up hiring a professional).

We want you to get the best results on your painting project. Have any questions? Don't forget to ask us anything on our Pro Paint Corner blog!

Meet Your Pro Paint Corner Author

Ryan Nichols

Ryan Nichols

I first painted professionally in my late teens. I have painted everything from long military base walls to spraying cedar wood siding on cabins in the mountains of Utah. I am also an automotive technician with plenty of auto body and paint experience. In my spare time, I even enjoy artistic oil painting.

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Ryan Nichols

Ryan Nichols

I first painted professionally in my late teens. I have painted everything from long military base walls to spraying cedar wood siding on cabins in the mountains of Utah. I am also an automotive technician with plenty of auto body and paint experience. In my spare time, I even enjoy artistic oil painting.

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