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Welcome to Pro Paint Corner!

Expert painting advice for professionals and DIY homeowners

Hi, I’m Phil Ash, founder of ProPaintCorner.com 

I founded Pro Paint Corner to help you find the best materials and processes for creating great-looking and long-lasting paint jobs. 

As you probably know, there’s a lot of bad painting advice out there. And the wrong decision can cost you a boatload of money, time and sanity.  

But why listen to me?!

I first got into painting when my buddy, Dave, recruited me in college to join his Student Painters franchise.  

Pro Tip: Do NOT EVER hire college/student/rookie painters to paint your house. We painted one ladys interior walls in glossy oil. We hung another guys’ shutters upside down. We spray painted an entire closet full of clothes. The list goes on! 

But some of the team was determined to really learn and take pride in our new craft. That’s when my buddy, Bill, and I launched our own venture called Precision Painters.  

We got to know all the different types of paint and their application. We honed our skills…really focusing on the prep work that’s key to any great paint job. And we made a lot of money for three summers in a row. More importantly, we didn’t screw anything up. Our customers were all happy and got a great deal. 

But between then and when I bought my first fixer-upper house in 2001, not much painting happened. Holy cow! Who knew owning and fixing-up a house would be so expensive? With so many plumbers, electricians, etc. to pay, I had no choice (and no more cash) but to pull out the old paint brushes and get my hands dirty again. 

At least that’s what I told my wife and friends. But there was a dark truth inside me that I was almost embarrassed to reveal…


That’s right! While most people despise painting, I don’t. I probably have a brush in my hand once a week…touching up the house, putting the perfect finish on some furniture I just built, or helping a friend learn the craft. 

I love trying new materials and new methods. Here’s me in 2019 spraying the outside of my four-story house with climbing gear so I wouldn’t have to rent scaffolding. 

But even with all my time spent painting, I don’t pretend to know nearly as much as a professional painter with 30 years under his or her belt. I have mad respect for those folks and all they know. 

My Painting Network Knows Best

And that’s why Pro Paint Corner isn’t about what I know. It’s about what my network of painting experts knows. That’s right…to once and for all create the most trusted, expert source of painting advice, I’ve done a ton of research, emailed, called and spoken to hundreds of painters, retailers, manufacturers, and hand-picked the best folks to give you the best advice.  

So, my role on this site isn’t to answer the questions…it’s to come up with the questions that need answering. But I don’t do that on my own either. I do lots of online reading to see what’s unanswered or answered poorly. I talk to plenty of homeowners and pros. AND, I get lots of great questions from people like you. 

If you have a painting question, submit it here, and my team will figure it out for you. 

We want Pro Paint Corner to make your next paint job efficient, effective and enjoyable! 

Happy Painting,